Havana Coffee Works


Havana Coffee Works Expands into Ready-to-Drink Coffee Market with New Product Launch

A rapid growing market

Havana Coffee Works, a leading coffee roaster in New Zealand, successfully entered the rapidly growing ready-to-drink coffee market by launching two new products: an oat milk flat white and a long black.

With the help of a trusted packaging partner and a strong marketing campaign, Havana Coffee Works maximized the opportunity to enter a new distribution channel and tap into the booming RTD coffee market in Australia and New Zealand.

Havana Coffee Works was looking to expand its offerings and tap into the growing ready-to-drink coffee market. With the market size in Australia and New Zealand projected to reach $500 million by 2023, the opportunity was clear. Havana Coffee Works turned to New Ground for its expertise in developing and manufacturing high-quality coffee products.

New Ground worked closely with Havana Coffee Works to create two distinctive RTD coffee flavors: an oat milk flat white and a long black. With a focus on flavor profile and quality, New Ground utilized its proprietary coffee brewing machine and rigorous manufacturing standards to capture the iconic and distinct coffee profiles in shelf-stable, long-life formats.

The opportunity was clear

With the products developed and produced, Havana Coffee Works launched an effective marketing campaign that highlighted the unique flavors and convenience of the RTD cans. The campaign featured eye-catching packaging and engaging social media content, resulting in increased brand awareness and product sales.

Thanks to the collaboration between Havana Coffee Works and New Ground, Havana Coffee Works was able to successfully step into a brand new distribution channel of FMCG and maximize the opportunity of the growing market. The RTD coffee cans quickly became a popular option for coffee lovers looking for quality and convenience on the go.

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