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Allpress Espresso International: Leading the 5th Wave of Coffee with Innovative Cold Coffee Products

The Fifth Wave

Allpress Espresso International partnered with New Ground Coffee to develop a range of cold coffee products that capture the iconic flavor of Allpress Coffee using NGT, New Ground's proprietary brewing technology.

The products, including Oat Flat White & Iced Long Black cans and the 375ml and 2L Coffee Shots (Coffee Concentrate) products, launched in Australia and Singapore to great feedback, leading the rise of the 5th wave of coffee.

Allpress Espresso International is known for its specialty coffee, sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world and roasting them in a unique way to bring out their best flavor characteristics. The company was looking to expand its reach and offer consumers a new way to experience its coffee beyond the traditional espresso drinks. That's where New Ground Coffee came in.

As a leader in the specialty ready-to-drink coffee market, New Ground has extensive experience in developing innovative cold coffee products that deliver on taste and convenience. Allpress and New Ground worked closely together to develop the products, with Allpress providing its signature coffee blends and New Ground using its NGT brewing technology to extract the best possible flavor from the roasted beans.

Offering consumers a new way to experience its coffee

The resulting range of cold coffee products has been a hit with consumers, offering a smooth and rich coffee experience that captures the essence of Allpress Coffee. With the recent acquisition of Allpress Espresso International by Asahi, the potential for growth and expansion of these products is even greater, and New Ground Coffee is excited to continue its partnership with Allpress to bring innovative and delicious coffee products to consumers around the world.

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