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Cloud Picker and New Ground team up to launch high volume coffee solution

A High Volume Solution

Cloud Picker, an artisan coffee roaster in Ireland, partnered with New Ground, a specialty coffee manufacturer, to create a high volume coffee solution for their new cafe in the Dublin airport as well as for a new wholesale product.

Using New Ground's 2L coffee concentrate offering and Marco's Pour'd unit, Cloud Picker is able to produce high-quality, consistent, and fast coffee drinks on demand.

Cloud Picker has a reputation for producing exceptional artisan coffee in small batches. When they decided to open a new cafe in the airport, they knew they needed to find a way to serve their signature coffee to a high volume of customers without sacrificing quality. That's when they turned to New Ground, a specialty coffee manufacturer with expertise in producing coffee concentrates.

Together, Cloud Picker and New Ground developed a high volume coffee solution using New Ground's 2L coffee concentrate product and Marco's Pour'd unit. The concentrate is used like an espresso shot, allowing the cafe to provide a full solution for high quality, consistent, and fast output of coffee drinks. The Marco Pour'd unit makes it easy for staff to use and produces hot and cold coffee on demand.

The importance of collaboration

The solution has been a success for Cloud Picker's new airport cafe, providing customers with the same quality coffee they expect from the artisan roaster, but now with the convenience and speed of a high volume outlet. The product has also enabled Cloud Picker to enter a new distribution channels and expand their reach beyond their traditional cafe customers.

The partnership between Cloud Picker and New Ground highlights the importance of collaboration in the coffee industry. By combining Cloud Picker's expertise in artisan coffee with New Ground's knowledge of high volume production, the two companies were able to create a solution that delivers quality and convenience. As the demand for convenience coffee and automation continues to rise, partnerships like these will be essential to meet the needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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