Boxed Coffee

The power of espresso without the machine


Single Box $100
Foodservice Carton $540


100 per box

Our liquid coffee extract the same strength as espresso. Its captures the essence of a freshly brewed coffee without the bitterness, boasting a sweet and smooth profile without the need for any machine.

It’s convenient shelf-stable boxed format makes it easy to craft a mind-blowing coffee concepts, wherever drinks are created.

Made possible by New Ground’s NGT™️ brewing technology, Boxed Coffee represents the pinnacle of coffee innovation for foodservice.

Shelf Life

12 month ambient shelf stable, refrigerate once open.

How To Use
Cost Savings

Eliminates the upfront and ongoing expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining espresso machines, saving businesses significant capital investment or rental costs.

Reduces labor costs by minimizing the need for extensive training on espresso machine operation and preparation techniques, streamlining staffing requirements and labor expenses.

Streamline your operations

Simplifies beverage preparation by providing a ready-to-use coffee solution, eliminating the need for complex brewing equipment and reducing reliance on skilled baristas.

Enables quick and efficient service, allowing staff to serve customers promptly without lengthy wait times, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Extended Shelf Life

Boasts a longer shelf life compared to roasted coffee, reducing the frequency of replenishment and minimizing waste, ultimately optimizing inventory management and reducing costs.

Provides you with greater flexibility in managing inventory, allowing you to stock up on Boxed Coffee without concerns of spoilage or expiration.


Supports business growth and expansion efforts by accommodating fluctuations in customer demand without compromising quality or speed of service.

Provides businesses with the flexibility to scale operations up or down as needed, adapting to changing market conditions and ensuring sustainable growth over time.

Market Differentiation

Sets businesses apart from competitors by offering premium flavor without the need for specialized equipment or skilled baristas, positioning yourself as leaders in innovation and convenience.

Attracts new customers and drives revenue growth by providing a unique and differentiated beverage offering that stands out in the market and resonates with consumer preferences.


Reduces environmental impact by minimizing energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation associated with traditional espresso preparation methods, aligning with eco initiatives and reducing carbon footprint.

Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, resonating with socially conscious consumers and enhancing brand communications and reputation in the marketplace.

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