New Ground™ launches their new home for everything coffee.

Paving the way for the fifth wave of coffee innovation. New Ground™ are the ones to keep an eye on as their technology breaks barriers.

Photography – Kayle Lawson
November 4, 2024

New Ground has today opened the world’s first facility capable of supporting specialty coffee roasters making Ready-To-Drink items from concept, production, through to final manufacturing. 

The 1,200 square foot factory space in Wairau Valley will allow for production of more than 40 million servings per year of products ranging from canned RTD, Specialty Instant, Coffee Concentrate, through to Espresso Martini kegs.

“Overnight with our factory opening, we are switching on incredibly high volume manufacturing capacity, giving our specialty roasters the kind of opportunities that were previously only available to highly resourced multi-nationals,” said Connor Nestor, Managing Director of New Ground technologies. 

“There’s no mistaking the massive demand for canned coffee that’s sweeping the world, and New Ground’s new facility helps independent roasters and global brands enter this market with their own products.”

New Ground got its start five years ago, producing specialty instant coffee for the world’s best roasters. Today the manufacturing hub produces more than 300 coffee products for 100 roasters around the world, including The Barn, Espresso Lab, 3fe, Flight, Supreme and many, many more.

Roasters globally collaborate on the exact flavour profile and formulation with our product development team, before the final product is created, packaged, and shipped, ready for retail.