Boxed Coffee and its endless posibilites

Introducing New Ground™ Boxed Coffee, the foodservice solution for those who want a specialty coffee experience without the machine.

Food Service
Photography – NG™
April 4, 2024
Espresso strength coffee concentrate. The essence of a freshly brewed coffee, in a box, for easy use without a machine.

This is the raw extract from the NGT Extraction system ready for use. Originally developed with world barista champ Dale Harris the 2L format was designed to assist busy operators in their cold coffee operations. A shot of Boxed Coffee blended with your choice of milk or water easily delivering a delicious Iced Coffee.

We keep developing the uses of the this and partnered with Marco Beverage Systems to provide in tap blending for cold brew and the introduction of hot water for batch brew on demand. Further the tap can dispense a "shot" of Boxed Coffee meaning that it's become a popular option in bars and restaurants where the primary use of an espresso machine is for coffee cocktails, not barista made espresso drinks.

Boxed Coffee is the ultimate solution for foodservice to meet the demand for convenient and innovative beverage choices.

Boxed Coffee revolutionizes cafe, bakery, restaurant, fast-casual, and bar offerings by simplifying the creation of premium espresso drinks and innovative cocktails. With lightning-fast transaction speeds and no need for specialized equipment or extra labor, Boxed Coffee empowers businesses to cater to evolving consumer demands seamlessly. Whether crafting signature espresso beverages or mixing cocktails with spirits, Boxed Coffee ensures prompt service and flexibility, including decaf options to cater to every patron's preference.

From craft cocktails, iced oat lattes, tiramisu tarts and indulgent shakes, the possibilities for Boxed Coffee recipes are endless. Kickstart unparalleled culinary experiences and effortlessly cater to consumer preferences with easy-to-execute personalization opportunities for your establishment. With Boxed Coffee, the bar for coffee innovation has been raised to new heights.